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Country Life: The Release of the Red Hawk


We were thrilled to hear that 'Red', the hawk that had been discovered in distress by Pels in Bridgewater, has recovered and been released back into the wild!

Two weeks ago, our friend Kathy Root had helped us coral him as he could not fly and desperately needed medical assistance. He was eventually transferred to the Audubon Sharon Facility in Sharon, CT. Here is an update given to us by Kathy about Red's recovery:

"He is actually a red- shouldered hawk (not a red-tailed hawk). He had a smallfracture on his humerus but didn't require surgery. He was on pain meds for afew days and then became very "feisty" as the Sharon Audubon rehab coordinator, Erin, put it. She put him into the flying cage so he could spread his wings, but
then he didn
't move around very much. Erin became worried about him, so shebrought him indoors again. After a few more days, he became feisty andenergetic and then she put him back in the flying area. It quickly becameevident to her that he was ready. Red was released back into the wild on Tuesday!"

A Fashion Design Installation with a Talented Area Student

Sacha Portrait Tomorrow, Saturday May 10th, one of the talented young students from Shepaug High School will debut a fashion collection at the renowned Washington fine art gallery, KMR Arts. All students at this regional school must complete a senior project as part of their graduation requirements.

Sacha Piscuskas has created a line of clothes that meld luxe fabrics with unique design.Though the whole collection has a young urban vibe, the clothes could also be worn in a cool country setting.

Sacha Clothing


There has been much excitement among students, parents and the community at large for this 

particular project.

"It is rewarding to host and support one of the young creative members of 

our community," adds Kathy Root, owner of KMR Arts,"and I look forward to seeing this senior fashion design project installed in the gallery."

The event will take place from 3 - 5pm tomorrow and a large crowd of local fashion enthusiasts are expected to attend. Please see the flyer below for details.

Special Mother's Day Activity and Brunch


Mother's Day Craft Program at The Gunn Memorial Library

May 10 between 10:30 and 2:00

"Show the love! Dads and caregivers are invited to bring children to the library to make a special gift especially for Mother's Day. Children of all ages are invited to create a personal present, while giving kids some quality time with Dad and perhaps an hour of free time for that special Mom. Ssshhh! -- it's a surprise! All supplies will be provided free, including gift wrapping. Registration is suggested."

For more information visit the Gunn Memorial Library site or call860-868-2310

Mothers Day Brunch atThe Mayflower Grace

May 11th between 12 pm and 7 pm

Show your appreciation to the most important woman in your world, Mom and treat her to a deliciousbrunch menu overlooking our stunning Shakespeare Gardens.

Call 860-868-9466 for reservations.

Country Living



Well we saved a bird this week. Well, technically, Pels, my friend Kathy and her Daughter saved him, but I was very encouraging over the phone. And it was a rather large bird, a red tail hawk! I think Pels may have given up earlier without my moral support so I am taking some credit. Pels went to photograph a cool new mid century listing of ours in Bridgewater about5:00last night. While trekking out back to get the best photo from the other side of the pond, he noticed the hawk hopping about in obvious distress.

First, we tried the Sharon Audubon center (closed) then the DEEP (they dont do anything), then several other rescue facilities (full, they dont pick up, can you drive him to Lyme?) Then we called every vet we know in the area.... Finally, Dr. Elwell in Roxbury said he would care for the bird but we had to get him there. He suggest a fishing net and also warned that the bird would shit all over the car during transport. hmmm, no. I suggested I would bring our cat carrier down. Not big enough. So then I suggested calling friends who had dogs and finding a dog carrier.

Luckily, when hearing of the predicament, our great friend Kathy came to the rescue. She rushed to Bridgewater with dog crate, shovel, styrofoam sled, and towel! After several passes they were able to guide the bird to hop into the dog crate and cover it with the towel so he would be calm. He is now comfortably ensconced at Dr Elwells hopefully eating some defrosted mice? Kathy's daughter who was also a great help has named him Red. We will check in on him in a few days.Pels got home at9:00...