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The Wine Cellar Revisited: Luxury and Modern Design

"A man, fallen on hard times, sold his art collection but kept his wine cellar. When asked why he did not sell his wine, he said, 'A man can live without art, but not without culture.'"

- Anonymous.

This Wine Cellar at Vaillant House is expertly designed to be both functional and extremely attractive. Wine cellars protect wine from harmful external influences by maintaining a consistent temperature. Wine like food is a perishable product. If wine is exposed to too much heat, light, or humidity, it can spoil. A good cellar helps the wine maintain its quality but may also improve both the aroma and complexity of a particular vintage.

Wine cellars have been in existence for over 3,700 years. Many Americans travel to France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal to visit famous wine cellars and taste premier vintage wines. Wine connoisseurs who appreciate and collect wine, particulary grape wines from certain regions, can truly appreciate a wine cellar. Is there a wonderful spot to sample a favorite wine than this sitting area outside this cellar?

Wine Spotlight from the Wine Spectator to try over the holidays:

Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnivale of Love 2012:

Sinewy, lithe and expressive, packing red berry, black cherry and cardamon aromas and flavors into a tightly focused package. The finish expands and powers up, driving a long and meary finish, displays muscle and poise. drink though 2022. From the McLaren Vale, Australia with an issue date of June 15th, 2014.

Here is an interesting article on the property that was featured in Rural Intelligence.


Vaillant House featured in Rural Intelligence

A thoughtful and interesting article on Vaillant House is featured on the Rural Intelligence site. Offering his insights about the property is longtime Washington, CT builder/contractor Sean Woodward, "What's funny about the house is that you could drive down that road and not even know that it's there." The writer elaborates,"The house" he is referring to is the Vaillant house, after the family who owned it for more than a century and who are all descendants of decoration artist Louis David Vaillant. More than three years ago, the remaining Vaillants gathered their votes and decided that it was time to sell the 8-bedroom, three-season Italian villa, one of the first homes in the area designed by famed architect and almost-native son Ehrick Rossiter."

At the time, an article was written in the Wall Street Journal about the sale of the family home. Luckily, the home has been lovingly restored and designed to the highest standards.

The article highlights the renovation and interior decoration that has enhanced this historical house. Here are the two before and after images of the exquisite sunroom. To read the entire story, click here.


Stacey Matthews featured in Happening in the Hills

A profile of Stacey Matthews is the lead story in the current issue of Happening in the Hills. Personal style, fashion, design, country life and entertaining are all featured in the article.

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

"As a former Wall Street trader, Stacey Matthews certainly saw the value in the unique beauty of Litchfield County when she first came here fourteen years ago. Originally just spending weekends in an antique farmhouse that she renovated with her husband Pels, the couple and their twin boys eventually moved to the area full time. Now, the owner of a successful real estate agency, Matthews has formed bonds with numerous artisans, designers, retailers, chefs and other local businesses.

Tall with striking auburn hair, Matthews has a strong sense of personal style both in the home and with her apparel and accessory choices. On this day, she wore a bold Madeline Weinrib brown and white striped caftan dress paired with a pendant from the Indian design collaborative Yatra. We asked her about some of her influences, inspirations and style must-haves."


To read on the entire article, click on the link below:

Happening in the Hills: Style, Substance and Real Estate Savvy