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Vote for Winivan in USA Today's Most Romantic Inn Awards

Luxurious Accomodations at Winivan Farm

This ideal retreat for couples has been nominated for 'Best Romantic Inn' in USA Today's Reader's Choice awards. Travelers from all over the country and abroad have discovered what the locals have always appreciated; luxury accomodations, farm fresh gourmet cuisine in an exquisite setting.

You can easily support Winivan by clicking on the USA Today link here. It will take you directly to the page where you can place your vote.

Luxury Accomodations with Unique Touches

A Beautiful Setting in Pristine Countryside

Gorgeous Tabletop Style

Farm Fresh Ingredients in Gourmet Dishes

Poolside Elegance

There are eighteen extraordinary cottages, each with their own style and design as well as the Hadley Suite. Winivan Farm was purchsed in 1948 by the Smith family who have retained ownership to this day. They have a fascinating history which you can read by clicking here.

Don't forget to vote this morning by clicking the link to the USA TODAY page here.