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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Anne and I just wanted to say thank you for a great effort in getting our house closing done in such a timely and efficient manner. We know this purchase moved very quickly, and it couldn't have happened without everyone jumping through a lot hoops. The service was great, and everyone was a pleasure to work with. Anne and I look forward to living in your community.Thanks for sticking with us over the past seven years and many house rentals. The house we bought is perfect, just what we were looking for. Now we just have to figure out a way to furnish it!

Hi Stacey, I went to an estate sale of your customer last weekend. The owner of the house told me what a hard worker you are. We agreed on your great work ethic. Your being here early to show my house on a Sunday substantiates that. You go girl!

Dear Stacey, Thank you for all the hard work you did marketing and selling my house. I look forward to buying a new house with you soon!

Thought the NY Time article about you was terrific. It was realistic but made the market seem pretty attractive in terms of buying a place for a reasonable price. I'm curious about one of the houses that was described.

If we haven't said so, you're doing a great job in this crazy market. We appreciate all your efforts.

Just read your BLOG for a little inspiration. It is very appropriate and has a very comfortable quality to it -- the right mix of "good neighbor/friend" and informed professional. Hope you are enjoying it and getting good feedback!

Stacey is a terrific broker: she is honest, patient, hardworking, and knows her market well. She places the real estate in context and is strategic in her negotiation. She worked tirelessly to sell our house and then got us a great deal on the next one! We highly recommend her.

Stacey, we also need to thank you for bringing us to this place. You are responsible for our new life, we love it! Its been great spending time with you guys.

We were so happy to share our first official dinner party at the house with you. It is already giving us so much pleasure to be here, to have met such a charming and vital community and to have experienced, just outside our own windows, the beauty of the natural setting we all share in this part of the country. Thank you for your part in introducing us to all of this. I'm sure it will bring us many happy occasions together.

Stacey, You did an excellent job educating us on the area and slicing through the properties to present exactly those that suited our needs. Your reputation as the "honest broker" is well suited. You not only worked hard to get our deal done, but supported us afterward by introducing us to the community in many ways.

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